About Mirella

See that photo there? That’s me, Mirella van Pol. Even as a young girl, I loved cleaning up my own room. After organizing and cleaning my room, if I stepped back to look at the end result, it really made me feel good.

That happy feeling, that enjoyment of something that is clean and well organized, that’s why I do it. I want to help others enjoy a welcoming, well organized home the same way my cozy, well organized little room made me happy when I was a child.

Help ’n Handje is more than just cleaning and organizing. I want to turn your house into a home. I want to make the people who live in a house smile when they walk through the door after a long day at work and see that Mirella from Help ‘n Handje dropped by, leaving their home fresh and dandy. They won’t have to worry about cleaning and organizing, so they can focus on the things that make them happy.

And did you know that a clean, well organized home also has an impact on your emotional life? Let’s be honest, it is a lovely thought to know you won’t have to worry about cleaning and organizing when you have a group of friends coming over for dinner. All you have to think about is a delicious meal, a glass of good wine, and spending quality time together. And a cup of tea tastes so much better when you sip it sitting on the couch, cozied up under a blanket, looking around your freshly cleaned room.