• Organizing administration

  • Organizing wardrobe

  • Cleaning up the attic

Is your administration spread throughout the house? Is your wardrobe bulging with clothes in at least three different sizes? Don’t you remember what your attic looks like because it is stuffed with… well, stuff? Are you scared to enter your basement because it is full of things you don’t need? In short, do you really not know where to start cleaning and throwing away stuff? Don’t worry – I’ll come over and give you a hand. Together, we will clear out and clean up and create new space in your home (and your head). Send me an e-mail or fill out the form on this page for an appointment. I’ll come to your home so we can discuss what needs to be done. This service is billed on an hourly basis since it is hard to estimate in advance how hard or easy you will find it to let go of sometimes cherished yet obsolete possessions.