Who is Help ‘n Handje?

Imagine this: You’ve worked hard all day. You are tired. After work, you still have a meeting, want to go to the gym, or plan to meet up with friends. This morning you ran out of the house, leaving it messy. Cleaning up? You don’t have time for that. It will have to come later.

How wonderful would it be if someone came by during the day to turn your home into a palace. Someone who helped a hand spiffing up your house – cleaning, passing the hoover and mopping the floors. Who took your parcels to the post office and picked up your clothes at the dry cleaner’s. Perhaps she got you fresh flowers or filled your fridge with food. The dog is happy to see you because she took him for a walk as well.

‘She’ – that’s me, Mirella at Help ‘n Handje. Your Home Organizing & Personal Services Company. I love to help you organize and clean your home, and offer coaching for clearing out and organizing bigger cleaning projects. Sound interesting? Click here now!

How it works

  • Step 1

    Select a Help ’n Handje voucher here

  • Step 2

    In the online agenda, pick a day and time you want me to come and lend a helping hand

  • Step 3

    Enter the postcode of the address in question

  • Step 4

    Click ‘Book now’ and continue to the settlement process

  • Step 5

    Enter your details, pay for your Help ’n Handje voucher, and click ‘Place order’.

  • Step 6

    Your reservation has been made.

A helping hand for:



  • Laundry and ironing

  • Caring for other animals





Our packages:

Help ’n Handje voucher

€ 62,50 excl. VAT – 2,5 hrs

How wonderful that you will be booking a Help ‘n Handje voucher! I’ll make everything look fresh and dandy for you. This includes:

  • Organizing and cleaning the living room
  • Cleaning up the kitchen
  • Toilet and bathroom
  • Caring for plants
  • Making the beds

Should you want something different (within the 2.5 hr time limit), don’t hesitate to let me know!

Spring Cleaning voucher

€ 175,- excl. VAT – 1 day

Time again for a Spring Cleaning?

  • Is your house one big mess?
  • Have cobwebs taken over all the corners off your house?
  • Is everything sticky and dirty? 
  • And what is that strange, musty smell?
  • Well? Yes! Definatelly time again for a spring cleaning!

And I am just the right person to come help you! I’d love to come over and turn your house into a home again.

Home Organizing

€ 45,00 per uur excl. VAT

  • Do you want your basement to be organized?
  • Or is your administration a mess?
  • Is your wardrobe bulging?
  • Or can’t you remember what your attic looks like because it is full of stuff?
  • Do you need help moving (packing and unpacking, cleaning the house, etc.)?

I’d be happy to drop by, discuss your wishes and how we are going to tackle it. 

What customers say:

“Monday morning. I see Mirella arriving on her bike. The entire house is already dancing in delight.

Because Mirella cleans until everything shines.

Every week she tackles a project in our place at KW9. All of a sudden, the carpets are clean as a whistle. Or our high ceilings have been divested of cobwebs with a huge feather duster. There is a different clean surprise every time. It’s wonderful!”

I’m so glad I ran into Mirella!

While preparing my house for selling, I faced a huge clearing out and cleaning job. I was looking for someone to help me.

Mirella proved the perfect person: She is efficient, active, fast, has an eye for detail, offers creative solutions to difficult issues, knows how to listen and has a sense of humor (very important if you get down), and perseveres until the job is done. On top of that, she is a lovely, kind person.

I highly recommend her!


That’s me, Mirella. I visit my clients personally to organize everything.

For the time being, Help ’n Handje is available exclusively in the city center of Amsterdam. The reason is that I do everything on my own and I travel by bicycle. I’d lose too much time driving around otherwise. Time I’d rather invest in giving you a clean, well organized and fresh home. Student flats and ‘hoarder’ homes are also ineligible for Help ’n Handje’s services.

That’s great! Because these are the ‘personal services’ I offer in addition to the regular cleaning and organizing tasks. Do you have a dog that needs to go for a walk? Would you like me to do your grocery shopping for you? Or perhaps you want me to get you fresh flowers? Do the kitchen cabinets need a good clean? Or would you like me to take your parcels to the post office, wait for the technician to repair your washing machine, or take your clothes to the dry cleaner’s? You name it. In principle, everything is possible!

As often as you like. Once a week, several times a week, once a month, or just once. After all, you can order as many Help ‘n Handje vouchers as you like. You pay in advance and book the appointment in my online agenda.

Absolutely! It’s such fun to offer someone a Help ’n Handje voucher as a gift. The recipient will receive a Help ’n Handje voucher in the mail, after which they can plan their own appointment in my online agenda. Naturally the recipient must live in the city center of Amsterdam.

Yes, Help ’n Handje can also help you with that. I’d be happy to act as your coach in the bigger cleaning projects. We’ll do this together, since you will have to tell me what can go and what you want to keep. And because it is difficult to know how long we need to clear out an attic, for instance, this is billed on an hourly basis. Some people find it harder to let things go than others, after all.

Help ’n Handje makes sure your home is all fresh and dandy. In 2.5 hours, I’ll clean up the living room and the kitchen, clean the bathroom and toilet, make the beds and water your plants. This is based on the average family home with a maximum floor surface of 100m2. If there are other things you would like me to do, please let me know. We’ll discuss the options and I will make sure it gets done. In principle, everything is possible!

Oh, I’d be really sorry if that happened. I make every effort to make sure my clients are satisfied, so if it should happen that you are unhappy with any of my work, please send an e-mail to mirella@helpnhandje.nl. We’ll search for a fitting solution together.